Juicing Benefits – Be Sure To Take Advantage

We know that we should take better care of our health – exercise, sleep, relax, eat healthy foods. The list is endless and – boring. But one thing we can easily control is what we eat every day.

Many of us are realizing that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables and are starting to add vegetable juices to our diets as juicing benefits are convenient and quick – hence the increasing popularity of various brands of fruit and vegetable juices in our supermarkets.


Juicing Benefits: Best Sources of Vitamins

Those bottles and cans of vegetable juice – what’s in them, other than the juice? If you read the labels, you’ll find that most of them are made from concentrates, there’s added salt and sugar as well as the usual chemical preservatives.

In addition, the manufacturer pasteurizes or heats the juice to a high temperature in order to extend its shelf life and this process destroys the vitamins and minerals – the reason why we’re drinking them in the first place. Why not juice your own fruits and veggies at home? It’s quick and easy, you’ll know that it’s absolutely fresh and packed with nutrition – and costs you far less.

The juices of vegetables and fruits are the best sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that we can take into our bodies. The juice of a cabbage has been found to treat peptic ulcers. Fresh cherries contain keracyanin, known to alleviate gout attacks and ease arthritic joints.

Cranberry juice can help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Grape juice has “trans-resveratol,” which helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and grapes can also help prevent heart attacks. Those tiny seeds provide strong antioxidants or “proanthocyanidins” which are even more powerful than vitamins C or E. You just toss the grapes in your juicer and the juicing benefits are yours for the taking.

And because we’re drinking the juices of all these fruits and veggies, those vitamins and minerals are entering the body without having to be digested first, meaning we benefit from them almost immediately – certainly within thirty minutes. All you need are a few pieces of freshly washed produce, a juicer and a few minutes of time.

Juicing Benefits

There’s no need to peel the produce as most of the juicing benefits are right there, underneath and in the skins and seeds. Of course, you should peel oranges and grapefruits, but virtually everything else can go in the juice once you’ve cut it up into smaller, manageable pieces. Even lemons and tangerines can be juiced without removing the skins.

The juices from your fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed immediately because they do not keep as long as the fruit itself – picture a cut apple. It turns brown and oxidizes very quickly, losing its nutrients within a very short time. The best time to enjoy your freshly juiced drink is about thirty minutes before eating because your stomach will be empty and ready to devour those nutritive vitamins and minerals immediately.

Boost your immune system and enjoy all the juicing benefits available to you – you’ll even find that drinking your own juiced fruits and veggies can retard the ageing process! And what’s wrong with that?