Juicing Extras! Make Juicing Easier

So, you have an awesome masticating juicer, but do you use it often enough? If not, what is stopping you? Let us start with what has stopped me in the past, preparation and cleaning. I needed a few add on items to make the whole juicing process easier.

Less prep, easier to clean and easy to access recipes. Three things that would remove (some) excuses that stopped me using my masticating juicer.

I decided to create a post so I can pass on some of the lessons I have learned and some of the extra products I use to make juicing easier.

I am sure they will make it easier for you too!

What Products Do I Use To Make Juicing Easier?

Storage Pots – For Juice

When you are making a few days’ worths of juices, you need the storage. There are a few things to consider here:

Do you go for big containers that fit nicely into your fridge, like these, or so you go for multiple containers, like these?

If you are like me, you regularly set aside juicing time! You grab a load of stuff to juice, check a few recipes….in a book or some free recipes online (Make sure you don’t get juice all over your phone/tablet!), then you get to work.

During the juicing time, I will bang out 4 or 5 different juices. That means I need 4 or 5 different containers to store them in!

My choice of containers is the STACK containers from Amazon. They hold more than enough juice and do not take too much space in your fridge. Winner! There are some variations on the containers. For instance, if you regularly make large quantities, you may need something like these.

If you do not have much room in the fridge, then these might be a better option.

Juicer Cleaning Equipment

Truly, I detest this part. If I were rich enough (and wasn’t so conscious about wastage), I think I would buy 7 juicers per week, just so I can throw them away instead of cleaning them.

Scrap that, it’s a terrible idea. I would employ someone to clean them for me. Why didn’t I think of that before? Cleaning these juicers are a pain in the proverbial, no doubt. BUT there are things out there that can help you out and make it a much easier job!

Take these for example. I have a set of these to make sure I can get right into the crevices. With fruit, any residue left over after cleaning will start to rot and make any future juices taste disgusting.

It is extremely important to get these little beauties clean to save your future juice and to extend the life of the juicer! Some masticating juicers will have easily removable parts to make it easier for cleaning. Take for example. You can remove everything within 3 minutes, ready for cleaning!

Whilst we are on the subject of cleaning, the kitchen side always looks like a war zone after I have been juicing! At first, I used a generic kitchen roll, which I then realized was a total waste, when I could have been using some generic clothes!

Less wastage and less throwing stuff away mean it is a better option for the environment.

Please PLEASE do not wash them with your whites!

I am sure you already know this but I feel better saying it!

Top Juicing Tip!

Your body needs Chromium to aid glucose function, why not add some fresh vegetables and herbs into your juice?

Juicing Recipe Books

I know, we have a full-on post to give you our recommended recipe books.

We also have a post to give you 6 of the best free online resources, but here I wanted to just give you the top recommended book.

It is called and it is currently available for $16.99 on Amazon. With over 435 recipes, it will give you exactly what you need. Having a book on hand means you don’t have to worry about getting juice all over your phone or tablet!

The alternative is to get yourself there for a smartphone or these for a tablet. I have had one of these for several years now after learning the hard way!

I originally bought one of these for cooking, before I even had a masticating juicer! It is so easy to prop the iPad up onto the holder while you prep what you need to.

A little tip though, make sure you set the screen timeout long enough for the prep time!

The last thing you want is the screen to switch off as your hands are covered in banana and mango juice!

This is the second lesson I learned as I was cleaning food smears off the iPad screen.


I have the products mentioned above (or something similar) and can confirm that each of the options has made my juicing a much easier process.

It is great having a masticating juicer, but sometimes (and I have been in this position) I look at the juicer and think ‘I just don’t have time to prep, make it and clean up’.

Making the task a little easier removes some of the excuses.

Are you a seasoned juicer? Do you use any extra equipment to help you juice? Leave a comment below or let us know and we will consider it too!

Happy juicing!

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